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History tells of a close friendship with man and the Barbary lions. I had a personal experience, where a Barbary lion spoke to me telepathically: Its only happened once but what a rush: I could write a two page article on it. Many nations also use The Barbary as their Logo. According to Susan Aronoff of, the Lions are mentioned 135 time in he old testament, and that biblical records show, there has always been a close and interesting association between man and Barbary lions. The Barbary Lion was used in the New Testament as the Lion of Judah, symbol and the King of Kings, Lord of Lords; Jesus the Christ, who provided the door for man to come into the presence of God throw. That is a simple two dimensional answer of God and man, but in reality it has four dimensions for full understanding of the matrix.

People ask how we get by with having lovable big cats when everyone who claims to be in the know claims, "Big cats donít make good pets," I just pray over them. They understand prayer as Love. We must realize if we are going to have love in its workable form it has to have the other half of itself, which is revealed as respect; in order for it to work with man or beast. Without respect for them these big cats will take your head off, in one single swat. Let me finish by saying that their are two kinds of love. 1. I love because I need you. 2. I need you because I love you. The second is a giving love, not a taking, using love as no 1. When I have personal self respect, its easy to show respect for the big cats. The animals will respond as little children with some rely wild stuff.

If you are wanting to work with big cats, may I suggest you read the thesis on situation ethics in this website. I have put it in the Web site for this very purpose; In order to help those who want to work with animals. Donít try to read it all at one time. Let it work in your subconscious to process your thinking. It will show how to have self respect and have the harmony of life, the animals will pick up on you. Everything takes training and this should be a good map to making us more sensitive.

By The Animal Philosopher