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This is the original Lion used as a cub to animate Simba in Lion King. It was then sold to Tim Heier and J.D. Mitten. This lion is known as a Barbary Lion. These lions have been extinct in the wild. The last one was killed by a hunter in Morocco in 1921. The Egyptians used these Barbary lions to pull chariots. They were the Lion to use as a symbol in the Bible. The Roman royalty raised these animals as a sign of wealth. They grew up to 17 ft long. Only a handful were kept alive in captivity. They made wonderful pets. Also, in the Egyptian King’s throne room, this intuitive lion was employed to discern crooks. A few of them made it to the United States. The majority of them now live in Kansas. North of Salina, and at Prairie Cat Animal Refuge of Western Kansas, this lion lived out his last 7 years before having a stroke. He was a very loving animal and many tears were shed when he died.

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