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  • Prairie Dog TownsDraw Moisture.

  • Prairie Dogs Talk.

  • Prairie Dogs Pray and Worship God.

How poisoning prairie dogs allowed 60 million cans of pet food to be recalled!
There is stronger and stronger evidence among environmental scientists that prairie dog towns draw moisture because they restore a harmonic balance with the earth’s vortexes.
We have within the earth surface magnetic lines which appear on a map in a formation something like a checkerboard.
They occur about every 10 ft. and are about ten inches wide. They run north and south, east and west. These magnetic fields are essential toward our health and well being.
German doctors called certain houses "cancer houses" because everyone who lived in them over the centuries developed chronic diseases These chronic diseases have been attributed to the exposure of the unfortunate victim of disease to an area where the earth’s grid was in a magnetic imbalance. These imbalances usually occurred under the houses in which the unfortunate sufferers of disease lived.
This magnetic balance theory is known to scientists today. Nassau built magnetic fields into the space crafts so the astronauts would stay healthy.
There are many things that the average person does not understand. Some of these things have been known to the indigenous populations of the United States years before the European population set foot on American soil.
For example, the American Indians had great respect and reverence for their fellow prairie dog: "The Cheyenne Indians sang songs to the Prairie Dog; the Arapaho tribe thought so highly of them that one of their family groups was called 'Those of the Prairie Dog.' The Apaches and Navajos associated Prairie Dogs with rain and water, believing that their burrows were 'breathing tubes' that helped to connect to underground water or create rain." ( April/May/June 2005 edition of the Sierra).
One can only marvel at this primitive understanding of the prairie dog habitat. We now understand that indeed, there is a sophisticated ventilation system in the prairie dog tunnel. This is now commonly known due to public television programs which feature animals who have a sophisticated engineering agenda. ( See Modern Marvel’s: Nature’s engineers 02/2007).
The Chinese understood the earth’s geomantic grid systems and the earth’s vortexes hundred’s of years ago. Instructed missionaries on places disadvantageous to home building. They cautioned that an unfavorable spot, i.e. a spot where the magnetic grid was imbalanced was, "in the path of the dragon. This was considered paganism in previous centuries but today scientific research bears out the truth that there are unfavorable areas of magnetic imbalance where one should not consider building a home.
We can now learn the benefit the prairie dog contributes to restoring moisture to the earth and harmonizing the balance of the magnetic vortex.
Logan County is supposed to have the highest number of prairie dogs in western Kansas, according to Logan County Commissioner Carl Ulrich. Is it just an accident that last year Logan County had the highest precipitation out of 24 western Kansas counties except for two counties, who have just two inches more than Logan County? (National Climatic Data
All positive information about prairie dogs notwithstanding, Logan County is now enforcing a 1909 Kansas state statute which gives the county permission to come on our property in Logan county, and poison Prairie dogs and then the state bills the farmers for labor and poison. ( 80-1202 ) What will happen when the prairie dogs are gone? Will precipitation drop in Logan County from 23 inches to below 18 inches a year? Will we have less grass and will our fields support fewer cattle? Will the state administration then blame this situation on the few prairie dogs that are left? We have already seen the result of tampering with the eco-system by killing other animals only to learn, too late, that the animals performed benefits to the eco-system previously unknown or ignored. Will the prairie dog suffer the same fate as these unfortunate animals we are trying to bring back into existence?

It is illegal and a federal crime to kill a black-footed ferret, an endangered species that feeds almost exclusively on prairie dogs. This ferret is being poisoned with the prairie dogs in the barrels. (U.S. Fish & Wildlife 970, 243-2778). One can see that this is a "catch 22 situation." Left to itself, the ferret would keep the prairie population in check. However, because of the poisoning of the prairie dogs, ferrets and prairie dogs are being killed indiscriminately with no thought to the eco-system.
Does the Federal Law have precedence over the 1909 Kansas statute? Someone needs to tell Logan County to quit using an out-dated statute to force the land owners into distributing poisons onto their property.
Prairie dogs can talk
Animal Behaviorist Dr. Slobodchikoff of Northern Arizona University says, "Prairie dogs can talk." (From the Albuquerque Journal The Associated Press Dec. 3 2004) He maintains that prairie dogs can convey complex information through a language more sophisticated than that of many other animals that have been studied. Slobodchikoff has documented more than 100 prairie dog words. From his observation tower on the edge of a prairie dog colony outside Flagstaff, Slobodchikoff operates a directional microphone, a tape recorder and a video camera. From this vantage point, he can spot intruders, such as hawks, cats, dogs, and men and he can record the alarm calls these potential threats trigger in the prairie dogs.
"Each time we do experiments I’m surprised because each time even I don’t think these animals have the capabilities that our experiments show them to have." says Slobodchikoff.
Back at his lab he digitizes his audio field tape into sonograms which show what each alarm call "looks" like, complete with adjectives. The professor has discovered that prairie dogs use adjectives to differentiate objects. For example, they can describe the color of clothes on a human and whether he is tall or short. They can also describe how fast a man is moving or whether he is carrying a gun. And there’s evidence that the prairie dogs can remember that specific person for up to two months.
When Western Kansas counties force prairie dog poisoning on its landowners, they also force the landowner to help destroy over 200 other living creatures.
We could write a sci-fi movie scrip on what could happen if the prairie dog perishes from the earth. I would not push the edge of the envelope of possibilities by suggesting the effect of killing necessary species such as the prairie dogs, and a link toward global warming. There might very well be a link to the dust bowls of the dirty thirties. Who knows? When a society destroys a cornerstone of harmonic balance for the purpose of their own greed, it is anyone’s guess where we will come out in the matrix of life.

There is strong evidence that prairie dogs have an awareness of the existence of God as their creator. They have a form of praise and worship. Is the human race the only creation on earth which have a awareness of God? The apostle John had a vision from God of what heaven would be like. John wrote in Revelation 5: 11-14: " In my vision, I heard the sound of an immense number of angels gathered around the throne and the animals and the elders; there were thousand times ten thousand of them …shouting, The lamb that was sacrificed is worthy to be given power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing. Then I heard all the living things in creation---everything that lives in the air, and on the ground and under the ground and in the sea crying, ‘To the one who is sitting on the throne and to the lamb, be all praise, honor, glory and power, for ever and ever….’"
Wildlife Artist Pat Morris Painted this picture as she observed a Prairie dog colony.
Animals, unlike some humans, just know who the creator is and have no problem worshiping him. They don’t have a problem intellectualizing the creator away in a big bang theory . This is why you will see many pictures of prairie dogs like the ones above.
"His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of his praise." Habakkuk 3:3 Also, "Let every thing that hath breath praise the lord." Bible Psalm 150:6
What are the Myths that would have us believe in the extinction of the prairie dog , an important element in God’s creation?
MYTH: Prairie Dogs Are Everywhere
Actually, black-tailed prairie dogs occupy less than one percent of the land they occupied a century ago. (Rocky Mountain Animal Defense of Boulder CO.)
MYTH: Prairie Dogs Multiply Like Rabbits
In reality, black-tailed prairie dogs have a low rate of reproduction compared with other small mammals. They breed only once a year, and the average litter size is three to four pups.
MYTH: Prairie Dogs Spread the Plague
In fact, prairie dogs rarely transmit plague to humans. This disease does pose a significant threat to prairie dog populations. Because prairie dogs lack immunity to plague, a plague epidemic will kill almost 100 percent of a population. Prairie dogs usually die within a week after contact with the plague bacterium. Other mammals, such as mice and rats, carry the plague.

MYTH: Prairie Dogs and Cattle Can't Coexist
Contrary to what many farmers, ranchers and the livestock industry assert, prairie dogs and cattle have a mutually beneficial relationship. Prairie dogs improve the forage for cattle, and cattle grazing allows prairie dog colonies to expand in mid-grass prairie. Both cattle and prairie dogs have demonstrated a preference for grazing together, just as bison and prairie dogs have historically preferred each other's company. The Journal of Range Management has published several articles that confirm these findings.
MYTH: No One Will Miss Prairie Dogs When They're Gone
Those who directly depend on prairie dogs–ferruginous hawks, burrowing owls, golden eagles, coyotes, and black-footed ferrets, to name a few would miss them
Ferrets inhabit prairie dog burrows and depend on prairie dogs for more than 95 percent of their dietary needs. The war against the black-tailed prairie dog, which began at the beginning of the twentieth century, is the main reason the black-footed ferret is endangered.

The swift fox and the hawk also depend on prairie dogs for food, and their numbers have declined along with the prairie dogs. The mountain plover and burrowing owl depend on the habitat prairie dogs create, and their numbers have also declined throughout their ranges. There are many others–small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, plants, and insects–whose worlds are crumbling as prairie dogs and their towns continue to be destroyed.
This is not an article by one of the "green movements" in the U.S. This is just a discussion about the advantages of keeping the prairie dog population in Northwest Kansas . Another way of destroying the family farm is by putting it into the hands of the corporate farming.. I was involved in the American Agricultural movement, and lobbied the capital for parity in grain prices.
The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association tells us it cost us 37 per head if we have prairie dogs.
One would have you think that if you had Prairie dog s one needs to build a bomb shelter and the children need to learn civil defense drills at school.
What we are not being told is what the extinction of the prairie dog is doing to the water table . The water table is dropping to the point that the state has considered banding farm irrigation.
Without Prairie dogs and their massive tunnel structure. Rain and snow cannot enter the ground water. This water supplies drinking wells and lakes and streams.
Lake Ogallala in Nebraska is not receiving any new ground water and is at an all time low. New wells are being drilled because old ones are drying up.
Black Diamond was dumping their poison in and around prairie dog tunnels that were over the Smokey Hills Water Shad. The water table there was only around 15 feet deep. Smokey hills Water shad flows through Colby Oakley, Hays, Russia and Salina and all the towns in-between.
There seems to be an epidemic of being tired all the time. Everyone you talk to has the same complaint. Is this due to the poisoning of our water table? How would one go about proving such a belief?
Though we cannot prove it, our foundation research leads to a strong theory of how the poison got into the Pet food and caused 60 million cans of dog food to be recalled and it has to do with poising the prairie dogs.
It started almost a century ago when like other states, Kansas passed a law in 1909 . (KSA 80-1202 ) that gives counties the power to force the farmers and ranchers to poison Prairie dogs on their land. If the ranchers refuse to do so, the county will poison prairie dogs at a cost of $20 to $30 per acre to and the rancher hast to pick up the bill. Logan County has 357,000 acres.
Now lets go back to Logan County Kansas. Remember this is being repeated in multiple counties in several Surrounding States over millions of acres in what is now called the Short Grass prairies of the US.
This is how our research shows the way Rodent poison enters the animal food chain.
Black Diamond paid the state $140. Then they took a few tests and got a license permitting them to poison Prairie dog holes. Black Diamond then hired a bunch of locals, and gave them four wheelers. These recruits dumped the poison in and around the holes and anywhere else so to make them look like they are doing their job. Well they got busted and had to pay a fine of $2800.00 and they were sent back to Wyoming to muck up another state’s food chain. The ranchers are being jack booted by the county and into paying $20 or $30 dollars per acre, when the rancher can buy poison in Wynona, Kansas spread it himself to keep the county off his back.
Being forced to poison their own land, and being billed for this action by the county has caused the farmers to become annoyed with the system. They then created bait stations which are PVC pipes filled with poison grain. Can one imagine what can happen to the 200 other animals and cattle when we know these pipes are open to any animals that can get near them? Though ignorance this is been going on in several states for years. Before December 19 of 06 the pets just died and it was diagnosed as joint weakness.
December 19 and December 29 of 06 is where the Pet food poising really started.
Kansas has two of the worst blizzards in its history. Because the snow did not melt the cattle were kept from grazing for 90 days
The hungry cow or cows found one of many bait stations filled with poison grain. Like the Prairie Dog they ate and were filled and fell over dead.
The snow melted and the rendering truck picked up the frozen cattle, took it their rendered plant, then sold it sold it to Menu Foods of Emporia Kansas Menu Foods which made the frozen cattle into 95 different Dog foods which caused the recall of 60 million cans of dog and cat food and a nation filled with burring the dead pets. The American Trail Foundation has filed Pesticide Complaint report with Jerry Wilson of Kansas department of Agriculture on at least eight different bait stations. Jerry Wilson personally told me that unless a complaint is personally signed, no investigation will be done with the Department of Agriculture.
We don’t need any more green movements or laws passed. We only need to understand what may be hurting us, and why. Remember the three great lies. The check is in the mail, I will respect you in the morning and I work for the government and I am interested in your health.
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Written by Jeffrey J. Harsh