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American Trail Foundation takes great pride in embarking on a serious philanthropic adventure for both two and four legged inhabitants of our planet. As the executive director for the American Trail Foundation, I have operated an animal refuge for over ten years. The American Trail Foundation was recently organized into a 501(c)(3) foundation. We are from North West Kansas, the flatland, and one can see for a hundred miles in any direction. Living this way twenty four- seven; we naturally want to expand our horizons also, to meet the needs of animals, and also to address the unheard cry and base needs of men, women and children both nationally and internationally. With our focus on respect for life that is in all creatures, the obvious is staring us in the face. Using our time and resources, we must raise quality of life.
Therefore, with this philanthropic impact in mind, we invite you and your organization to share in meeting the needs and goals that encompass your particular fields of interest, your purposes and activities. We have seriously studied your foundation. We are determined provide for your goals honestly and with integrity. We ask you to consider participation in the following foundation.

The Animal Philosopher is another name given by animal lovers to the American Trail Foundation Executive Director Jeffery Harsh.

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Yoga says. “Welcome to the photo gallery”

It’s Sunny today.

Jeff and Lion King

This is Yoga. A Black bear that got bigger than a grizzly bear.

See article, “the day the bear got out.”

Hello, I am baby Sampson. I am only one month old here at Animal Refuge.

I am Barbary lion from Minnesota.

Playing with the bear.

cuchi cuchi koo this is 150 pounds male cougar.

He loved to have his tummy rubbed.

There are three mother cougars here and babies. The animal philosopher was able to go in and sit in the middle of them and they loved him to peaces.

Jeeez, this is quiet.

How sweet…

What’s up!

Check this out, Barbary Lions

Size does matter, what say?

These are the pictures of the original Lion King. They got up to 16 feet in the last century. They have been extended since 1921 in the wild.

I love you!!!

That feels better than my girl friend.

I’m sleepy, huh

Is this a nice pose?

I love you.

O’ it’s hot in here

That feels good.

I love you too…

Look mom, he is smiling.

We’re best friends!!!


Yes, I am the Lion King, any doubt?

Who’s there ???

I’m a friend…

A six hundred pounds tiger is giving “The animal philosopher” a big hug.

You are so sweet.

A kiss in the ear makes a good woman smile…right

Is my throat sore…doc???

Yeah yeaaaah, I like it

The lion king and the animal philosopher